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Ethiopia Rotating Single Origin

Ethiopia Rotating Single Origin

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Welcome to our Ethiopia Rotating Single Origin program! Our goal is to consistently source and roast a wide variety of high quality and distinct coffees showcasing both classic flavors and progressive flavors from the birthplace of coffee. We rotate approximately every couple months depending on popularity of each offering. Check back often to see what new Ethiopian we're roasting up!

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Processing and Grade: Washed Process
Farmer: Girma Eshetu
Importer: Crop to Cup

Flavor Notes: Peach Tea, Honeydew, Cane Sugar
Tactile Notes: Light/Medium Body - Clean but very sweet.

Roaster Notes: Crop to Cup is a new importer relationship for us, this being our first coffee roasted of their offerings. This coffee is a great bean to show the blend of old-school and new-school Ethiopian flavors - nice floral acidity via peach tea, but with a very sweet and refreshing palate experience reminiscent of honeydew or summer melons. This is the washed offering from this producer, which we enjoyed for its clarity of cup compared to a more classic natural process profile from the same producer. 

12 oz package

We recommend whole bean coffee for maximum shelf life, but if you elect "Ground" above we grind all online orders for standard home drip coffee machines.