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Wholesale Services

Wholesale Services

Pure Intentions Coffee is a USDA Organic and Fair Trade Certified specialty coffee roaster based in Charlotte, NC. We have provided specialty coffee drinkers with single origin and blended offerings since 2011 with a focus on accessibility, quality, and education. Our services span from whole bean and ground coffee to a full range of kegged and canned cold brew to training classes for your staff!


Pure Intentions Coffee roasts a variety of coffees from most major coffee producing regions in the world. We are constantly sourcing high quality single origin offerings from each year's harvest to ensure your coffee has the most flavor possible. Our offerings range in price and flavor complexity to suit your needs:
- our Top Lot Series of specially selected coffees are perfect for your artisan pour-over or espresso bar,
- classic year-round offerings like our single-country Colombian Dark Blend or Limited Release Single Origin selections are perfect filter coffee options for your high-volume café.

All of our coffees are profiled by our Specialty Coffee Association Certified Roaster and are subjected to our rigorous in-house quality control standards to make sure your coffee is roasted to consistently showcase its best qualities!


Pure Intentions Coffee was the first coffee producer to release canned cold-brew coffee in our region. We perform all our cold brewing and packaging in house using our own expertly roasted coffee, cold brewing at our roastery under strict cleanliness and sanitary standards, and canning with our own canning line and nitrogen doser. Building everything in house allows us complete control over the process and ensures a clean, consistent, high quality product every time you pop the top!

We provide cold brew services for all types of service models:
- Cans: great for markets, grab-n-go style service, or as a supplement to non-alcoholic offerings at your bar or brewery! We are currently canning our Classic Still cold brew coffee.
- Kegs: we provide Nitro Draft Style or Classic Still cold brew in standard American Sankey 1/6 barrel kegs (D type coupler). If you've got an open nitro line on your bar, we are a plug-and-play option to get it generating revenue again! Have an extra line but don't have the nitro set up yet? We can help with that! We provide a full suite of draft-tech services to transfer your lines to cold-brew coffee service.
- Kegerators: we provide one or two faucet kegerators with full turn-key installation to get coffee on tap in your location with no draft line experience or equipment required! This equipment is super easy to install and operate, and only requires a standard electrical outlet and a little space on your floor plan!


At Pure Intentions Coffee, our mission goes beyond the product. Having great specialty coffee is just the starting point to long term success as a cafe or coffee bar, and we understand that you need a partner to provide advice, training, and other day-to-day services along the way to keep moving in the right direction. We are proud to offer many additional services free of charge to all full-scale wholesale clients!

  • Equipment: Consultation and sourcing services are provided free of charge to help you make the right decision when purchasing new batch brewers, espresso machines, or grinders. We have accounts with most of the highest quality coffee machine manufacturers in the market today, allowing you access to our discounts, warranty handling experience, and replacement parts. 
  • Repair: Repair services are provided by our in-house technician or by an authorized third-party representative of the equipment brand. We are happy to control the logistics of equipment repair to take the worry off your shoulders!
  • Consultation: We are available to consult with you on everything from bar flow to service style/type to setting pars for your first order. Your success impacts our success, so we want to work as a team right from the start! 
  • Education: Our Education Series is a curriculum developed by our Training Manager based on current industry knowledge and standards backed by over a decade of experience as a barista and cafe manager. We offer focused, in depth classes to your staff at no charge in areas like Barista Fundamentals, Coffee Origins, and Filter Coffee Basics. Sourcing great coffee is just the first step to a high quality consistent finished product, our Education Series helps your staff continue the chain of integrity all the way to the cup your customers receive!


We are proud to work with local and national partners to provide support services for coffee programs of all kinds. We stock and sell products from the following partners:

  • Rishi Tea: We stock a selection of bulk teas for 3-gallon iced-tea batches as well as cases of tea sachets for individual hot cups. We are also able to stock custom tea requests with minimum orders!
  • Monin Syrups: These syrups are as clean as they get. Natural flavors and pure cane sugar combine to create classic flavor combinations we all love! We stock a selection of classic flavors in 750 mL glass bottles and 64 oz chocolate sauces. We are also able to stock custom syrup requests with minimum orders!
  • Paper Products: We stock white paper coffee cups, black sipper lids, and traditional brown cup sleeves through Karat Cup. Non-traditional sizes may require minimum purchase quantities. We stock standard sizes of coffee filters from BUNN, FETCO, and other manufacturers. 
  • Urnex and Pallo Cleaning Products: We proudly sell Urnex cleaning products including 20 oz jars of Cafiza Espresso Machine Powder, 120 ct jars of Tabz carafe cleaning tablets, and 32 oz bottles of Rinza steam wand cleaner. Additionally we stock Pallo espresso grouphead brushes, replacement bristle packs, and Grindminder espresso grinder brushes.