Specialty coffee is reliant on the gift of agriculture to remain successful. Our choice of providers for ingredients can be used to support global awareness of coffee producers and importers going above and beyond to protect their way of life.

We maintain close relationships with our importers and visit our coffee producers on their farms when possible to ensure that we are working with individuals and companies who are putting effort into sustainability. Most of our producing partners use recycled water for their coffee production, and compost their organic waste from production as well.

Pure Intentions Coffee visits the producers to learn about successes and challenges in their ambitions to grow better coffee to share with the world. We are proud to serve our coffees knowing that every cup supports these incredible coffee producers halfway across the world.



Supporting farmers in Chirinos, Peru

Pure Intentions Coffee maintains Direct Trade relationships with coffee producers in Peru, traveling to the San Ignacio region to build partnerships, improve producer-roaster communication, and find the best coffees in the region!

The group focuses on teaching environmental sustainability through composting and fertilizing techniques that use what producers have on their own land instead of relying on agro-chemicals. Additionally, information is shared for other ways to increase producer living standards and self-reliance through supporting crops, livestock, and sustainable fish farms.

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    La Familia Marino | Finca La Manantial

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    Coffee in Parchment



Supporting farmers in Veracruz, Mexico

Pure Intentions Coffee began sourcing honey processed coffee from Cafe La Laja in 2017 for use in creating a more consistent, sweeter cold brew coffee. Since then, the relationship has developed into a robust Direct Trade partnership.

Pure Intentions entrusts La Laja’s farm managers and regional cherry buyers to present special lots of coffee that intertwine with our coffee offerings seamlessly. La Laja’s focus is on science-based production that maximizes yield and quality while minimizing impact to the land.

From individual small-lot producers to larger scale farms, Pure Intentions is proud to showcase La Laja’s care and detail for their coffee in many of our offerings.

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    Cafe La Laja Farm

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