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Coffee Education

SCA Premier Training Campus

Are you one of the many coffee professionals or coffee enthusiasts seeking a greater degree of education in specialty coffee? The Specialty Coffee Associations of American and Europe joined in 2017 to become the unified SCA, and as part of the effort developed an all-new education program that spans every part of the coffee chain of integrity from green coffee to sensory analysis to roasting to barista skills. 

Pure Intentions Coffee is currently in the process of becoming an SCA Premier Training Campus located in Charlotte, NC. Our SCA Specialized Lead Instructors/Authorized SCA Trainers are developing curriculum that will be available to anyone wishing to attend our SCA accredited courses in the following areas:

  • Introduction to Coffee
  • Sensory/Tasting
  • Green/Buying
  • Roasting

Our SCA Premier Campus courses will include classroom discussion, hands-on education with approved equipment, and written/practical exams resulting in SCA accredited certifications. 

We will be releasing schedules for our courses in the next few months with a target to have our first round of pathways in the new SCA model operational by March 2018. 

Please fill out the form below if you are interested in news as we develop our programs and launch our courses!