After over a decade in business, our current focus is producing high quality, consistent coffees available across the United States and providing turnkey beverage program solutions to new and established businesses, as well as retail grocery distribution capabilities.

Everyone deserves a personal experience with great coffee.
We are committed to creating that.


Create meaningful partnerships through quality products, educational opportunities, and innovative solutions to give more people access to great coffee.


A sustainable and educated coffee supply chain that facilitates improved living standards for producers, access to great coffee for consumers, and reduction of our industry’s environmental impact.


You can find our five core values in everything we do - from relationships with coffee growers and roasting processes to customer interactions and sustainability initiatives.


    Create a quality product above all else

  • Pure Intentions Coffee Offerings


    Make a connection through coffee

  • Coffee Farming and Sustainability


    Committed beyond the product

  • Coffee Roasting Education


    Elevate expectations and abilities

  • Coffee Roasting Beans


    Evolution creates mutual success


  • Wholesale bulk and retail coffee

  • Cold brew coffee produced in-house

  • Supporting products for turnkey
    beverage programs

  • Shop and menu consultation

  • Coffee training and education

  • Equipment services for drip, espresso, and cold brew

Ready to learn, brew, or partner with Pure Intentions?


Brewing an excellent and ethical cup of coffee starts long before the beans go into our roasters.

As the first USDA Organic and Fair Trade Certified coffee roaster in Charlotte, we strive daily to incorporate sustainability into our mindset by recognizing that every step of the journey can be impacted by a focus on how our products and ingredients are produced.

Our participation in direct and indirect sustainability include:

  • Partner with coffee importers with a proven history of environmental focus

  • Choose producing partners who use recycled water coffee production and compost their
    organic waste from production

  • Utilize energy efficient technology at our Roastery and Skills Campus

  • Use local compost companies in Charlotte to return all of our organic waste back to the Earth

  • Visit our coffee producers whenever possible to ensure we are working with people who are putting effort into sustainability

  • Coffee bag recycling drop off available at our warehouse