Wholesale Partner Education

Pure Intentions Coffee is excited to offer these complimentary coffee training courses for our wholesale coffee partners.

Hands-on classes are held at the Pure Intentions Coffee Skills Campus in Charlotte. Online courses are delivered via Zoom. 

NOTE: Registrants must be employed by a Pure Intentions Coffee wholesale coffee partner to register for these courses. Unauthorized registrations will not be accepted.

Barista Essentials Courses

These courses are the perfect starting place for baristas that are new or new to serving Pure Intentions Coffee.

Barista Essentials Hands-on

Step behind the espresso bar and learn how to create excellent espresso, adjust an espresso grinder, steam milk, create a variety of espresso beverages, and clean espresso equipment.


Seed to Cup Online

Explore coffee's long and fascinating seed-to-cup journey in this 90-minute online webinar. Learn how to critically taste coffee, take a closer look at the farms where coffee is grown, see how flavors are developed during roasting, and discuss popular preparation methods.

Questions about a course? Please click here to email us.