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Ethiopia Various Regions & Small Farmholders

Ethiopia Various Regions & Small Farmholders

Welcome to our Ethiopia Rotating Single Origin program! Our goal is to consistently source and roast a wide variety of high quality and distinct coffees showcasing both classic flavors and progressive flavors from the birthplace of coffee. We rotate approximately every couple months depending on popularity of each offering. Check back often to see what new Ethiopian we're roasting up!

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Processing and Grade: Washed

Farmer: Girma Eshetu Estate- Single Farmer

Tasting Notes: Floral/lavender aromas, strawberry-lime acidity, candy sweet, silky body, dry finish

Origin Information:

Located in Bita Genet District near the small village of Amecha-Mechata, the farm is named after the farmer, Mr. Girma Eshetu. His estate is only a few years old and is growing fast; he planted 80,000 trees last year bringing his total up to 230k trees over 120 hectares. Although traveling to the farm is only by horseback, Eshetu has managed to add a fresh spring water river as a source for his washing station, new high quality burlap for drying, and a new toilet & running water for the employees.

12 oz package 

We recommend whole bean coffee for maximum shelf life, but if you elect "Ground" above we grind all online orders for standard home drip coffee machines. 

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