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Flavor Notes: Lavender, Orange Peel, Red Apple

Origin Notes: Perhaps in the shadow of big-name coffee exporting countries Ethiopia and Kenya, Burundi remains an under-the-radar producer of exceptionally fine coffees from Africa. The majority of coffee is grown by self-sustaining families as a cash crop, with most households averaging less than 300 individual trees. Out of roughly 800,000 families nationally producing coffee, Kibingo is traceable to 3,000 of them, with each a member of smaller micro-cooperatives of 30-40 families and traceable to 18 identifiable hillsides surrounding Kayanza.

  We recommend whole bean coffee for maximum shelf life, but if you elect "Ground" above we grind all online purchases to order for standard home drip coffee machines. 

Subscription Note: If you select Limited Release as part of a subscription, your order will be filled with the current Limited Release coffee available at the time your subscription renews. Limited Release coffees generally rotate every few months.