Limited Release: Holiday Edition

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Processing and Grade: Fully washed, Wet-Hulled & Natural

Flavor Notes: Cinnamon, Apple Spice, & Gingerbread  

Tactile Notes: Medium Body

Origin Information: This combination of coffees from Peru, Sumatra and Ethiopia offer up a rich and full flavored cup perfect for pairing with your favorite holiday sweater. A nuanced yet hearty blend, the Sumatra and Peru contribute a full body, balanced sweetness and juicy acidity while the Ethiopia provides plenty of fruit flavor and warm milk chocolate. Holiday Edition 2023 is a blend just right to brew a mug of holiday cheer!

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    Medium Roast



    Cinnamon, Apple Spice, & Gingerbread

Pure Intentions Coffee Beans

Enjoy this perfectly blended hug in a cup yourself or gift it to your favorite coffee lover this holiday season!