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Rwanda Sholi Cooperative

Rwanda Sholi Cooperative

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Processing and Grade: Washed Process
Region: Muganga District, Southern Province
Altitude: 1,800 - 2,000 masl

Flavor Notes: Lemon Iced Tea & Honeysuckle
Tactile Notes: Piquant acidity, very lively

Roaster Notes: Abateraninkunga ba Sholi (“Sholi”) Cooperative means “Mutual Assistance" speaking to its members working together to improve both their coffee and the greater community for over a decade. This coffee is special to us because it is the first harvest that was imported to the United States, and also marks our inaugural selection from Atlas Coffee Importers who have long been known for incredibly high quality sourcing practices. Please enjoy this interesting, bright, balanced coffee while it lasts!

Sourced from Atlas Coffee Importers. 

12 oz package

We recommend whole bean coffee for maximum shelf life, but if you elect "Ground" above we grind all online orders for standard home drip coffee machines.