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Roaster Boot Camp - 3 course bundle

Roaster Boot Camp - 3 course bundle

This comprehensive coffee roaster training package combines three SCA Coffee Skills Program courses to provide a complete foundation of knowledge and skills for roasters.

Students will develop sensory evaluation, roasting, and green coffee skills and knowledge in this three-day class combination. These classes are active and immersive, relying heavily on sensory and hands-on exercises to fully engage students in their learning process.

Roaster Boot Camp includes 21 course hours covering material from Green Coffee Foundation, Sensory Foundation, and Roasting Foundation.

Matt White, Authorized SCA Trainer 

Thomas Ameloot, Authorized SCA Trainer

Pure Intentions Coffee Skills Campus in Charlotte, North Carolina

Barista TrainingCertificate:
Attendees who complete this Specialty Coffee Association CSP Course and pass all Written and Practical exams will receive the SCA Green Coffee, Sensory Skills, and Roasting Skills Foundation Certificates. Course fees include all exam fees.

No prior experience is necessary.

IMPORTANT: Please review the Pure Intentions Coffee Skills Campus Personal Conduct, Cancellation, and  Course Policies before registering for any course. Paid registration for any course indicates that the attendee has read and agrees to abide by these policies.

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