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Panama Geisha: Special Release

Panama Geisha: Special Release

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The Geisha varietal of coffee continues to push the boundaries of how we experience and interpret extremely high quality flavor profiles. This offering of the Geisha varietal hails from the Oscarcito Estate in the Jaramillo region of the Boquete district of Panama. Several hectares of this estate have been dedicated to growing Geisha at over 1,500 meters above sea level. We have created this special release package to honor the difficult work of the producers and showcase the delicacy required to roast this amazingly complex varietal. Your coffee experience will include juicy peach, lime, and strawberry notes. Enjoy!

NOTE: This coffee is sold in a Special Release tin with an 8 oz (226 gram) bag enclosed. We are not offering this coffee pre-ground, only whole bean.

We have an extremely limited amount of this coffee. The price reflects the quality of the coffee inside. We do not offer any samples of this coffee. We promise you'll enjoy it.