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Organic Peru Carmen Herrera Peralta

Organic Peru Carmen Herrera Peralta

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Processing and Grade: Washed Process, Organic, Fair Trade

Flavor Notes: Cinnamon, Apple Tart
Tactile Notes: Medium body with a lingering sweetness and semi-heavy palate sensation

Roaster Notes: This single origin Peru exemplifies what we love about this year's Peruvian crops - great round sweetness with a kick of apple/cherry/pomegranate tartness to balance the whole experience out. We have really been loving these overall balanced coffees that showcase some classic roast flavors of chocolate, caramel, or brown sugar, but back it up with a really nice complexity that helps the coffee dance around on your palate a bit. 

This coffee was imported by Olam Specialty Coffee

12 oz package

We recommend whole bean coffee for maximum shelf life, but if you elect "Ground" above we grind all online orders for standard home drip coffee machines.