La Docena - Limited Edition Roast

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Processing and Grade: Washed & Lemongrass Aged

Flavor Notes: Citrus, Buttery, & Toasted Almond

Roaster Notes: In February 2023, the Pure Intentions team traveled to Huatusco, Mexico to visit Café La Laja, our Direct Trade coffee provider in Mexico since 2018. Café La Laja focuses on quality coffee production in a sustainable way, acting as stewards of the land while using science to increase quality and productivity of their coffee plants. Señor Roque of Finca Zilli is one producer who contributes to Café La Laja’s regional blends, and also takes personal passion for coffee from his farm. Señor Roque uses experimental aging techniques and agricultural flavor additions to create interesting and unique flavors in his microlot coffees. We are honored to have the opportunity to share one of these coffees with you to celebrate our twelve year anniversary!

Origin Information: This coffee from the farm of Señor Roque in Finca Zilli was aged in a closed container with fresh lemongrass in pergamino, or its own coffee parchment, to impart a citrus and herbal flavor experience unique to this offering. Señor Roque contributes experimental microlots and larger offerings to our Direct Trade coffee partners at Café La Laja in Huatusco, Mexico.


8 oz Package

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    Medium Roast




    Citrus, Buttery, & Toasted Almond

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Our relationships with farmers like Señor Roque is was motivates us to continue to bring quality coffee to your cup day after day!