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Holiday Edition 2019

Holiday Edition 2019

Happy holiday, happy holiday
While the merry bells keep ringing
May your every wish come true

Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby said it best, even if it was a shameless pitch for the Holiday Inn hotel chain. 

Our Celebration of 2019 is one of our best blends to date. This stuff is perfect for forgetting your holiday sorrows, or sharing with your new holiday friends, or giving as a gift to your holiday family to keep them from asking questions about your life! 

We’ve chosen some coffees for this year’s blend that pay homage to some of the great folks we’ve worked with: a honey processed micro-lot Brazil that adds a boozy, creamy, fruitiness; a coffee from a Co-op in Papúa New Guinea that gives back to its members through free education and community development projects; and a dash of the very same honey-processed Mexico that we normally exclusively use for cold brew. It’s a triple threat of flavor that is ready to take on the challenge of making all your relatives happy and beating out the turkey and mashed potato naps we all have ahead of us! Can’t wait to get this deliciousness in your hands!

Get it while supplies, and the holidays, last. 

12 oz package. 

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