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Guatemala - Los Dos Socios - Limited Release Single Origin Espresso

Guatemala - Los Dos Socios - Limited Release Single Origin Espresso

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Processing and Grade: Washed Process, Organic
Region: Finca Los Dos Socios, Huehuetenango

Flavor Notes: Grilled Pineapple, Apricot, Roasted Almond
Tactile Notes: Medium Body as Drip, Heavy Crema as Espresso

Roaster Notes: This bad boy made its way to us as a potential blender but once we tasted it we knew this shining star had to cut a path of it's own. As a drip coffee this is a well balanced cup that washes away clean and has a medium acidity to balance a mid-sweet palate and minor bitter finish. As an espresso the fruit jumps to front of the experience and bursts out with tropical notes of pineapple and savory sweet notes of apricot and almonds. We loved it so much we are putting it out there as a Limited Release Single Origin Espresso to compliment our year-round Black Hat Espresso Blend!

Sourced from Onyx Coffee Importers.

12 oz package

Please Note: Since this coffee is meant for espresso we will not be offering a "Ground" option to avoid confusion on grind levels. All orders will be filled as Whole Bean.