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DR Congo - Kivu Hutwe (Organic)

DR Congo - Kivu Hutwe (Organic)

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Processing and Grade: Washed Process, Organic
Region: Hutwe, Kivu

Flavor Notes: Bright, Super Sweet, Cotton Candy
Tactile Notes: Medium body, Thick texture, Heavy viscosity

Roaster Notes: This is a special one for us, as it was a successor to our previous Buzi Kalehe from the DR Congo offered last year. We wanted something similar, but different, ya know? Well, when this gem came across our cupping table we didn't care that it was from the same country and similar region, it blew us away! This a very versatile coffee that works great as an espresso, pour over, or other filter brew. Very wide ranging in flavor profile, the viscous texture balances a bright acidity and very sweet palate. We know you'll enjoy!

Sourced from Olam Specialty Coffee Importers.

12 oz package

We recommend whole bean coffee for maximum shelf life, but if you elect "Ground" above we grind all online orders for standard home drip coffee machines.