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Bourbon Barrel Aged Nicaragua

Bourbon Barrel Aged Nicaragua

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This is the culmination of 8 months of intimacy between green coffee beans and a warm dark bourbon barrel. We put 150 pounds of Nicaragua's 25 de Marzo Co-op coffee in green form into an A. Smith Bowman Bourbon Barrel 8 months ago and let them chill and get to know each other really well. Then we busted up the moment and roasted the coffee from the barrel to a nicely developed medium-plus. 

The result is a coffee that tastes like you've already done you're doctoring-up, when you really haven't! The bourbon barrel essence has been soaked up by the very porous green beans, and upon roasting that essence is carried through to your cup of coffee!

Only available as Whole Bean. No alcohol is imparted to the coffee beans, just amazing flavors and aroma!

VERY limited availability. When it's gone you'll have to wait another 8 months.