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This comprehensive barista training package provides a complete foundation of knowledge and skills for baristas through three combination online and in-person Specialty Coffee Association courses: Introduction to CoffeeBrewing Foundation, and Barista Foundation.

In Introduction to Coffee, we’ll learn how to critically taste brewed coffee, then follow along coffee's seed-to-cup journey. We'll also discuss how each step of this journey impacts the flavors in your cup. These online sessions also include time for discussing questions and debunking common misconceptions.

Coffee Brewing Foundation’s webinar introduces the art and science of brewing coffee. We'll discuss the essential elements of good brewing, learn about popular brewing devices, and discuss how small details of brewing techniques can affect the finished results.

In Barista Foundation’s webinar, we’ll define espresso, discuss the 5 elements of espresso preparation, and demonstrate our recommended barista routine and espresso grinder adjustment method. We’ll also discuss our recommended milk steaming process, drink recipes, and barista workflow.

This course package also includes a full day in our Coffee Skills Campus Cupping, Brewing, and Barista labs. We’ll use a variety of popular brewing devices to explore how the essential elements of brewing can produce properly and improperly prepared coffee and taste the results. We’ll explore the spectrum of coffee’s sensory profile’s in a cupping. We’ll also step behind the espresso bar to practice creating excellent espresso, adjusting an espresso grinder, and steaming milk for a variety of beverages.

Brady Butler, Authorized SCA Trainer 

Online Learning sessions are delivered via Zoom and must be completed prior to Hands-on Lab session date.

Hands-on Lab session are at the Pure Intentions Coffee Skills Campus in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Barista TrainingCertificate:
Attendees who complete this Specialty Coffee Association CSP Course and pass all written exams will receive the SCA Introduction to Coffee, Barista Skills Foundation, and Brewing Foundation Certificates. Course fees include all exam fees.

No prior experience is necessary.

IMPORTANT: Please review the Pure Intentions Coffee Skills Campus Personal Conduct, Cancellation, and  Course Policies before registering for any course. Paid registration for any course indicates that the attendee has read and agrees to abide by these policies.