SCA Roasting Intermediate

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This three-day coffee roasting class is ideal for coffee roasters with some experience who desire to broaden their knowledge of the process. Attendees will utilize the introductory concepts and skills from the Roasting Foundation course to facilitate and reinforce a deeper understanding of the coffee roasting process.

Attendees will participate in a comprehensive array of lectures and activities designed to marry roasting theory with tangible results, primarily through the manipulation of a roast profile and how it relates to color, roasting time and sensory expression. Learners will further analyze the physical nature of green and roasted coffee as well as the basic thermodynamics, heat transfer and chemical changes that occur during a roast. This course also includes an introduction to sample roasting and green coffee purchasing.

Matt White, Authorized SCA Trainer 

Pure Intentions Coffee Skills Campus in Charlotte, North Carolina

Attendees who complete this Specialty Coffee Association CSP Course and pass the Written and Practical exams will receive the SCA Roasting Intermediate Certificate. Course fees include all exam fees.


Successful completion of SCA Roasting Foundation or equivalent is required prior to attending this course. By registering for this course, you agree that you meet this prerequisite requirement.

Specialty Coffee Association, Barista, Roasters, and Technicians Guild members in good standing at the time of certificate request are eligible for a course discount. Discount code must be requested prior to registration. No refunds will be given if membership status changes.

IMPORTANT: Please review the Pure Intentions Coffee Skills Campus Personal Conduct, Cancellation, and  Course Policies before registering for any course. Paid registration for any course indicates that the attendee has read and agrees to abide by these policies.

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