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SCA Brewing Professional - Attendee Approved by AST

SCA Brewing Professional - Attendee Approved by AST

This comprehensive three-day coffee training master class is recommended for experienced coffee brewers interested in increasing their skills and understanding in the craft of brewing coffee.

Brewing Professional takes a deeper look at the essential elements of brewing with a focus on how they interact and change together. Students will develop brew plans to achieve various sensory results using a variety of coffees. They'll then use all of their brewing skills to navigate the brewing control chart intentionally and predictably using various brewing devices.

Water chemistry plays a critical role in the extraction and flavor of coffee. Students will learn about critical water parameters and taste the results of using non-ideal water. They'll discuss the SCA's Measure, Aim, Treat strategy, as well as explore strategies for adjusting brewing variables to adapt to water that is not ideal.

Brady Butler, Authorized SCA Trainer 

Pure Intentions Coffee Skills Campus in Charlotte, North Carolina

Coffee Brewing SkillsCertificate:
Attendees who complete this Specialty Coffee Association CSP Course and pass the Written and Practical exams will receive the SCA Brewing Professional Certificate. Course fees include testing fee.


Successful completion of SCA Brewing Intermediate is required prior to attending this course. By registering for this course, you agree that you meet this prerequisite requirement.

Specialty Coffee Association, Barista, Roasters, and Technicians Guild members in good standing at the time of certificate request are eligible for a course discount. Discount code must be requested prior to registration. No refunds will be given if membership status changes.

IMPORTANT: Please review the Pure Intentions Coffee Skills Campus Personal Conduct, Cancellation, and  Course Policies before registering for any course. Paid registration for any course indicates that the attendee has read and agrees to abide by these policies.

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