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Wholesale Information

Pure Intentions Coffee provides a full suite of wholesale coffee products and services.

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  • Single origin specialty grade organic and conventional bulk and retail coffees:
    • Base long-term and rotating seasonal offerings
    • Offerings geared towards batch brew, pour-over, espresso, and natural decaffeination
  • Cold brew services including kegs, bottles, and draft installation.
    • Iced coffee on tap
    • Nitro draft pour
    • Custom-brewed options
    • Kegerators, nitrogen tanks, existing line configuration
    • 1/6 bbl and 1/2 bbl standard D-coupler kegs
  • Shop services including equipment, consultation, events, and training.
    • Provisioning and maintenance of equipment
    • Customer experience assessments
    • Coffee tastings and pairings
    • In-house espresso, batch brew, and pour-over trainings