Our Authorized SCA Trainers

Excellent training requires qualified instructors.

Education is a core value of Pure Intentions Coffee. It's so important to us that our staff has invested countless hours perfecting their crafts. We now have three Authorized SCA Trainers on staff to deliver an exceptional learning experience in every class we offer.


Meet Pure Intentions Coffee's Trainers:

Brady Butler, AST - Brewing, Barista Skills, Coffee Technicians Program
Brady has 14 years in Specialty Coffee and is Pure Intentions Coffee's Education and Equipment Manager.
Brady has been a Lead Instructor at the SCA Expo for 7 years and at Barista Camps in the USA and Taiwan, Roasters Guild Retreat, and Coffee Technician’s Guild Summit. He currently leads the SCA Brewing Content Creator Group, is a CTechP Content Creator, and is also a member of the Coffee Technicians Guild.


Matthew White, AST - Roasting
Matthew has 18 years in Specialty Coffee working as a Barista, Roaster, Green Coffee Buyer, and Trainer, and is Pure Intentions Coffee's Head Roaster.
Matt has been an Instructor at SCA Expo and is a member of the Coffee Roasters Guild.


Matthew Yarmey, AST - Roasting
Matthew Yarmey has worked in specialty coffee industry since 2010, beginning as a self-taught home roaster. Matt started Pure Intentions Coffee in 2011 to provide a higher grade of coffee and education to a growing craft beverage market in Charlotte, North Carolina. With a background in process improvement and client service, Matt built Pure Intentions Coffee on a foundation of his passion for coffee, exemplary customer service, and innovation in the coffee community.
Matt has been an Instructor at SCA Expo and Coffee Roasters Guild Retreat and is a member of the Coffee Roasters Guild. 



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