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Coffee Skills Campus - Course Policies

Personal Conduct, Cancellation, and Course Policies

Please read the following important course policies before registering for a course at the Pure Intentions Coffee Skills Campus. Paid registration for any course indicates that the attendee has read and accepts all policies detailed here.

Please click here to email us with questions about any of the policies below.

1. Location
Our address is:
2215 N. Tryon St.
Charlotte, NC 28206

We are located near downtown Charlotte, NC about 20 minutes from the airport and directly across from the Amtrak station. Student parking is in the paved lot facing the painted murals.

2. Schedule
Students should arrive at the Pure Intentions Coffee Skills Campus 15 minutes prior to scheduled class time. Students arriving more than 15 minutes after start time may not be admitted. Contact your course instructor in case of emergency or unforeseen circumstances. 

3. Cancellation
Unless otherwise noted, registrations may be cancelled up to 1 calendar week prior to scheduled class time for refund of course fees less a 15% processing fee. Registrations may be cancelled up to 48 hours prior to scheduled class start time for refund of course fees minus a 50% cancellation fee.
There is no refund for cancellation requests received within 48 hours of class start time. 

All cancellation requests must be submitted by email: click here.

4. Personal Conduct
Pure Intentions Coffee is committed to providing a safe, comfortable, and accessible learning environment for all people regardless of gender, gender identity and expression, age, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, race, ethnicity, and/or religion (or lack thereof). We have a zero-tolerance policy for harassment, violence, or offensive behavior or actions. Attendees who violate this policy, do not follow critical safety instructions, or are otherwise disruptive may be removed from class at the instructor’s sole discretion without refund.

Classes include several hands-on activities, so we recommend all attendees wear comfortable café work attire, including closed-toed shoes. Attendees to roasting courses must avoid loose sleeves and dangling jewelry and secure long hair. 

Many courses involve critically tasting coffee. Please avoid perfume and strongly-scented lotions, hair products, etc. and be aware of personal hygiene and tobacco smell. Overly-aromatic attendees may not be admitted to some areas or activities.

Please advise your instructor before your arrival if you have a cold, flu, or other sharable illness so accommodations may be made to tasting activities.

5. SCA Course Certificate Testing
Paid registration for a SCA Coffee Skills Program course includes, at no additional charge, an opportunity to take the associated tests for an SCA certificate and diploma points.

After registering with Pure Intentions Coffee, attendees who wish to receive an SCA certificate and diploma points for a course must also register as a learner with the SCA (there is no cost for this, just click here) and provide their SCA ID number to Pure Intentions Coffee. 

The course schedule includes the opportunity to complete the written and practical exams onsite. Attendees that successfully complete the course and pass the exams are eligible to receive a certificate. 

No refunds will be given for students who either choose not to take or do not pass the tests for a course.

6. Practical Test Re-takes
The course schedule includes one opportunity to complete practical and written exams. Students that do not pass the practical exam may be offered a same-day re-take opportunity at the instructor’s sole discretion.

If the course instructor recommends additional practice time or learning activities before administering a re-take, schedule and additional fees will be discussed. Note that since many tests require substantial preparation, teaching resources and facilities, and materials, prompt re-takes may not be possible.

7. Questions?
Please click here to email us with any questions regarding these course policies, course content, future offerings, or any part of the Pure Intentions Coffee Skills Campus program.