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Classic Collection


We are proud to offer year-round blends, artfully crafted with the grocery store shopper in mind through our Classic Collection coffee offerings. 

From our bright and complex Daybreak Light Roast Blend, to our crowd favorite Porchlight Medium Roast Blend, to our deep and creamy Twilight Dark Roast Blend, Classic Collection coffees have something to offer coffee drinkers of all preferences. 

Currently, these coffees are exclusively available in grocery store locations across the West Coast, Southeast, and Mid-Atlantic. Please contact us if you'd like to know where you can find Classic Collection coffees close to home!

Our lineup of whole bean and pre-ground coffees in the Classic Collection are: 

  • The Daybreak Blend Light Roast - the perfect balance of fresh and bright flavors with a lighter body. Flavorful and interesting with an easy finish - this is a great choice any time of day!
  • The Porchlight Blend Medium Roast - a smooth, easy drinking coffee that’s sure to be a popular choice for any coffee drinker. Just rich enough with a medium body, it’s our best seller!
  • The Twilight Blend Dark Roast - a full bodied rich and robust coffee that finishes smooth. We specially select our coffees for this blend to deliver all the flavor with no bitterness.
  • The Black Moon Espresso Blend - carefully crafted to create a creamy, chocolatey body with a bold flavor. This coffee is designed to be great as an espresso shot and also used in drinks!
  • Misty Morning Decaf - all the flavor of your favorite coffee without the caffeine. We source only naturally decaffeinated coffees and roast them to bring out all their flavor potential!


If you are interested in carrying Classic Collection Coffees in your regional grocery store of 20 or more locations, please reach out to our sales team by emailing us here for more information!