About Us

About Us


Our Mission
Create meaningful partnerships through quality products, educational opportunities, and innovative solutions to give more people access to great coffee.

Our Vision
A sustainable and educated coffee supply chain that facilitates improved living standards for producers, access to great coffee for consumers, and reduction of our industry's environmental impact.

Our Values

Quality   Create a quality product above all else
Accessibility   Make a connection through coffee
Service   Committed beyond the product
Education   Elevate expectations and abilities
Innovation   Evolution creates mutual success

Matt Yarmey started Pure Intentions Coffee in 2011 on a 1/2 lb home roaster in an apartment in Charlotte, North Carolina. After quickly developing a passion for coffee roasting, his enthusiasm for learning pushed Matt to discover his own definition of specialty coffee. Matt found that Charlotte was a changing landscape of old-school coffee drinkers wanting better quality, and newer coffee drinkers seeking easier access to local products created with a craft or specialty focus. 


Pure Intentions Coffee began with an idea that everyone deserves a personal experience with great coffee. From the beginning, our portfolio of coffees has been curated to span the spectrum of coffee flavors and consumer experiences: 

Current Offerings
- We carry year-round blends that are easy to brew and have very consistent flavor profiles for large-volume or multi-location restaurants and markets looking to please a wide variety of coffee drinkers.

Limited Releases
- We spend a great deal of energy sourcing our Limited Release offerings - interesting, quickly rotating offerings on the cusp of new flavors in coffee; new processing methods; and developing coffee regions that any experienced barista would love to  experiment with. 


In the beginning, Matt's purest intention was to find a way to meld art, science, and community into a way of life. Pure Intentions Coffee now embodies that ideal by creating coffee and conversations for enthusiasts of all types and preferences; connecting and sharing experiences to grow as a globally sustainable community.

Some things about us:
- Pure Intentions Coffee is an Approved Training Venue with the Specialty Coffee Association in their Coffee Skills Program
- We employ Certified Roasters, Certified Baristas, and Authorized SCA Trainers to help make sure your team has access to the best knowledge base available in Specialty Coffee. 
- Pure Intentions Coffee is Charlotte's first USDA Organic and Fair Trade Certified coffee roaster.
- Our products and services include wholesale specialty coffee, canned/kegged cold brew coffee produced in-house, equipment services, training services, consulting services, and more!


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