Cold Brew Keg (5 gallon) - Pickup or Local Delivery

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Enjoy our Cold Brew Coffee at home on your own keg system! We have both Nitro and Classic cold brews available in one-time-use recyclable plastic Unikegs, so no messy keg deposits or returns required!

  • Classic Cold Brew is a still-poured product that uses a standard beer faucet and pours at 12-15 PSI.
  • Nitro Cold Brew is a cascade-poured product that requires a stout faucet (sold here) and pours at 35-40 PSI.

A few important notes about these kegs:

  • Both kegs have standard D type Sankey couplers.
  • We recommend using 100% food grade nitrogen to push this product. CO2 and beer mixes do not play well with coffee.
  • This product must remain refrigerated.

Kegs are only available for local delivery within a 15 mile radius or pickup from our roastery during normal business hours. We require 24 hours between order submission and pickup. Deliveries are made in accordance with our weekly delivery routes, specific delivery days cannot be guaranteed.