SCA Coffee Roasting Foundation

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This one-day coffee roasting class is recommended for newer roasters interested in roasting coffee consistently, purposefully, and with predictable flavor profiles.

Attendees will learn to identify parts of the roasting process using their senses and basic calculations. The equipment and objects in the roastery will be discussed to identify safety precautions, management of materials, and more.

This course also includes a three hour session in our Coffee Skills Campus Roasting Lab. Attendees will practice roasting coffee, adjusting heat application and airflow during the roast, and identifying and recording key roasting milestones.

Matt White, Authorized SCA Trainer 

Pure Intentions Coffee Skills Campus in Charlotte, North Carolina

Attendees who complete this Specialty Coffee Association CSP Course and pass the Written and Practical exams will receive the SCA Roasting Foundation Certificate. Course fees include all exam fees.

No prior coffee roasting experience is necessary. SCA Introduction to Coffee and prior coffee cupping experience are strongly recommended prior to this course. All knowledge and skill from these classes will be assumed as being held and may be tested through the practical and/or written tests.

IMPORTANT: Please review the Pure Intentions Coffee Skills Campus Personal Conduct, Cancellation, and  Course Policies before registering for any course. Paid registration for any course indicates that the attendee has read and agrees to abide by these policies.


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