Sumatra Single Origin

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Our rotating selections give you an opportunity to take a guided tour of the wide spectrum of flavor experiences available in the coffee world. These coffees can be single farm micro-lots or regional producer blends that are amazing representations of a country’s coffee.  Our Sumatra Single Origin Farm Select coffees exemplify the classic robust, earthy, deep flavors indicative of this region and wet-hulled processing style. We rotate the coffees available as harvests allow to showcase both the diversity and core flavor profiles in these origins

Processing and Grade: Wet-hulled

Flavor Notes: Robust herbal foundation layered with dark fruit complexity.

Tactile Notes: Very full-bodied    

Roaster Notes: Sumatra is a storied coffee origin with generations of producers utilizing classic wet-hulled processing methods that deliver a robust, creamy, and earthy profile famous the world over. We go a step beyond this classic flavor profile and seek out coffees that are special within this landscape, produced by farmers with an eye towards innovation and complexity. Enjoy our current selection of this small-lot Sumatran built on the classic profile framework with complexity and individuality layered throughout. 

12 oz package


We recommend whole bean coffee for maximum shelf life, but if you select "Ground" above we grind all online purchases to order for standard home drip coffee machines.

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    Dark Roast




    Robust herbal foundation layered with dark fruit complexity.

Pure Intentions Coffee Beans

Flipping the classic Sumatra on its head, popping with flavor laying on top of a silky, earthy base.